The College of CPC gains recognition for the excellence of its adult provision by achieving a Grade 1
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Tai Chi and older people in the community: A preliminary study
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SARA is the national alliance of governing and representative bodies of sport and recreation. Our 270 members - organisations as diverse as The Football Association, British Water Ski and the Ramblers Association - represent 150,000 clubs across the UK and some 13 million regular participants.

CCPC/Lishi is a member of The Exercise and Movement Partnership in the UK.
EMDP is the lead National Governing Body (NGB) for exercise, movement and dance. It is a not for profit organisation dedicated to the development of exercise, movement and dance provision throughout England and the UK. EMDP’s vision is to have ‘More people enjoying good health and well-being through exercise movement and dance – for life’.

The College of Chinese Physical Culture has for the past five years offered an innovative and challenging programme of holistic exercise. It uses fun and motivational learning activities to promote lifelong learning in focused and practical areas of personal development, health and interpersonal skills. The programme can bring about immediate short-term benefits and substantial long-term positive change to the individual, the workplace, the family and the community.
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