“I’m a lot more content with myself. I’m a lot happier within myself. That might not sound very much to say it, but if you knew me as I was before, that’s a really, really big thing to me."

Emotional Balance
“Well its like CPC aims to take you the middle way, the centre. And I’ve certainly done that. I still get extremes now and again, replica rolex watches everybody does, be they chemical or whatever, for whatever reason. The point is, I think now I’m one of the calmest people around.”

Getting though it
“I was quadriplegic. I’ll not go into what happened. But you lay in bed there thinking, ‘my God I’m going to die. I’m going to die.’ I cant move my legs, hands, anything. And with a little bit of massage and confidence building I came through it. Maybe not 100% but came through it.”

The College of Chinese Physical Culture has for the past five years offered an innovative and challenging programme of holistic exercise. It uses fun and motivational learning activities to promote lifelong learning in focused and practical areas of personal development, health and interpersonal skills. The programme can bring about immediate short-term benefits and substantial long-term positive change to the individual, the workplace, the family and the community.
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